Workers from a variety of educational and employment backgrounds are required in the electric vehicle industry, such as the scientists who conduct research in electric drive technology, the manufacturing workers who build the vehicles, and the automotive maintenance technicians who repair the vehicles. Most of these occupations require specialized training or work experience in electric vehicle manufacturing and maintenance.
Employment growth is expected in most occupations in the electric vehicle industry Growth is expected in Kinetic Green and the domestic energy sector as the need for batteries and charging stations increase. New types of automobile manufacturing jobs will also be created
As with any vehicle, electric vehicles need to be occasionally maintained and repaired. Much of the routine maintenance and repair work can be done by normal repair workers, but the electrical systems and drivetrain will often need skilled workers familiar with electric vehicles.Repairing or installing electric vehicle batteries requires workers who are trained to work with specific types of batteries. Batteries need to be replaced every few years depending on usage and type of battery.

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