Services & Spares

Kinetic Group is well known from decades for its state of class service backup network nationwide. As Electric BOVs requires much less maintenance the speed of repairs is much faster provided the vehicle requires a periodic maintenance and checkup for flawless, trouble-free & reliable operation. The Kinetic SAFAR uses electricity stored in the lead acid battery. The vehicle runs on charged Batteries which gets charged in 11 to 13 hours.
Kinetic Safar EV has two major components, viz. Mechanical systems which include,steering (handlebar), suspension & transmission systems. The Electrical systems include the battery pack, control electronics, lighting systems, charging systems and last but not the least, the prime mover - Electric Drive Motor. So as to keep continuously in touch with our customers every dealer is mandated to remind our customer about the vehicle service date,take post service feedback, and keep the customer abreast of various service promotions,new product launches & schemes. We launch a number of initiatives to keep Kinetic EV vehicles fit & operational at all times , periodically.
Mechanical systems, like any mechanical part are prone to wear & tear and hence require periodical checkup & maintenance by way of adjustments & re-setting, re-alignment etc Kinetic Green is continuously running an “EV Knowledge Sharing Program”, to spread awareness about the electric vehicles and fault diagnostics and troubleshooting thereof to the channel/network partners who handle the Safar EVs. Spreading EV knowledge is not only a Kinetic service requirement but also an emerging employment prospect for many in years to come.
A widespread dealer network will ensure the availability of spares. A back to back logistic strategy is designed to support the spares transportation in time from nearest location on a push basis. This results in fastest service assurance and less repair and waiting for the consumers. Kinetic Green has a dedicated department to take care of spares Logistics, Technical Training, Finishing and Quality Upgradation on services.

Free Service Coupons- Kinetic offers all its customers Free Service coupons to cover the entire warranted part of vehicle life.

Free Battery Service Coupons- Kinetic has tied-up with various manufacturers to offer special services and offers to our customers leading to continued better performance,more comfort for the driver / passengers. Kinetic has associated with EXIDE Industries Ltd.,India's foremost leading brand, a giant in battery industry, for enhanced performance & life of batteries fitted in Kinetic SAFAR vehicles. Other associations include Axiom the leading EV battery charger manufactures, TVS & Ralson Tyres for better tyre life.

Genuine Spares- Kinetic ensures that all our service stations are equipped with genuine spare parts procured from Kinetic to increase the operational performance of our vehicles.

Training and Development- As mandated by law now, that all Electric Rickshaw owners must undergo a basic EV training before making purchases, Kinetic goes that extra mile in not only providing training to a purchaser but also to spread awareness among sections of society to adopt and increase EV usage in the larger interest of environment and Humanity.