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Wednesday, 10 November 2021 10:01

Are Electric Scooters Worth Buying?

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Are Electric Scooters Worth Buying?

Electric Scooters are all the rage these days. Their sales have increased significantly in the last few...

What is an Electric Scooter?

Electric Scooters are all the rage these days. Their sales have increased significantly in the last few years and this trend is only expected to grow.

Electric Scooters, as the name suggests, are scooters that run on electricity. This means they don't require any fuel to run but operate on rechargeable batteries instead.

Planning to Buy an Electric Scooter?

Many people are choosing to switch to EVs these days. With all the ways in which they benefit the environment, they are considered to be the future of mobility. In short, they are here to stay. And if you are planning to buy an Electric Scooter, we believe now is a better time than ever.

Top 8 Reasons Why Electric Scooters Are Worth Buying

Since Electric Scooters can be a tad bit more expensive than their fuel-based counterparts, many people wonder if they are worth the investment. But as it turns out, there are many benefits of owning one in this day and age.

Here are a few top benefits of buying electric scooter or bike:

1. They help you save on fuel expenses

Petrol and diesel prices have been surging rapidly and can account for a huge part of our monthly expenses. Using Electric Scooters to commute is a sure-shot way of putting that problem to rest.

2. You get many incentives/tax benefits

The government is currently pushing the use of EVs and is offering various tax benefits on their purchase. For example- The sales tax (GST) on EVs are lower in comparison to fuel-based vehicles.

3. No licence, registration or insurance required

Low-speed Electric Scooters can be used without a driving licence, registration or insurance. This means you not only save yourself from all the registration and insurance costs but also all the paperwork that comes with it. Relief, right?

4. Less maintenance

Since an Electric Scooter has fewer moving parts in comparison to fuel-based vehicles, they do not require servicing very often and are really easy to maintain. This means convenience and savings!

5. Great for everyday commutes

On average, Electric Scooters can run up to 80km per charge. This makes them ideal for every day, intracity commutes. They also take just a couple of hours to get fully charged. So once you put them on charge overnight, you can rest assured that they'll have you covered for the rest of the day.

6. No noise pollution

Electric Scooters operate very silently and do not cause any noise on the streets while running. This means you won't be contributing to noise pollution while commuting at all.

7. A greener alternative

EVs completely eliminate the emission of carbon and nitrous oxides that are extremely harmful to the environment. With global warming on the rise, riding an Electric Scooter can be a great way of doing your bit towards controlling the same.

8. They are the future!

With technologies making more advancements every year, the EV scenario is only expected to improve. More and more automobile companies are introducing their electric variants. Moreover, with the increase in the localisation of production of these vehicles, the price gap between EVs and their fuel-based counterparts is also expected to close soon. This could lead to a significant rise in their demand and popularity. The fact that they are environmental and budget-friendly also add to their future-ready appeal.

Electric Scooters: Frequently Asked Questions

Electric Scooters are fairly new to the market and there still are many questions that people have around them. Here are some answers to the FAQs on this subject.

1. Does Electric Scooter need a driving licence in India?

No, any EV that has a power less than 250W and a speed limit not more than 25kmph (like most Electric Scooters), do not require a driving licence in India.

2. What is the price of an Electric Scooter?

Most Electric Scooters fall between the price range of Rs. 70K to 1.5lac Lakh in India.

3. How to charge an Electric Scooter in India?

Electric Scooters can be easily charged at home through a regular 6 Amp socket. They can also be charged at any gas station with electric charging facilities. The government is actively trying to develop a strong EV charging ecosystem in India in order to offer EV users a seamless experience.

4. How many units of electricity are consumed by an Electric Scooter?

Most Electric Scooters take up to one to three units of electricity per charge. This roughly costs around Rs. 20-30 per charge.

5. Are Electric Scooters better than petrol?

In many ways, yes. An Electric Scooter is cost-effective, low maintenance, lightweight, doesn't require licence/registration/insurance and is also good for the environment.

6. Is a helmet required to ride an Electric Scooter in India

No, it isn't mandatory to wear a helmet while riding an Electric Scooter in India. However, we recommend you wear one for it's always the safer option.

7. Can we charge Electric Scooters at home?

Definitely! They can be easily charged at home through a regular 15 Amp socket.

8. How to charge an electric scooter in an apartment?

You can easily have a charging point installed by a good electrical contractor at your parking spot. Sure, this would require some permissions from your society's management but that shouldn't be a problem.

9. Is registration required for Electric Scooter in India?

Electric Scooters that are run by a 250-watt electric motor and speeds up to 25 km per hour are exempted from registration in India.

10. Can you use Electric Scooters in the rain?

Ideally, the battery and the motor in your Electric Scooter is well insulated and should not be affected by the external environment. This stands true for monsoons as well. So yes, you can ride an Electric Scooter in the rain.

Should You Buy An Electric Scooter Then?

We say yes! The positives clearly outweigh the negatives. Plus, at this point, the EV industry is flourishing and it's only going to get better. Be it more charging stations or reduced price points, the future of EVs looks bright and the earlier you hop on to the bandwagon, the better, right?

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