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Friday, 20 May 2022 09:32

Are Electric Vehicles Safe for Use?

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Are Electric Vehicles Safe for Use Are Electric Vehicles Safe for Use

The hot summers of 2022 have seen an increase in the number of cases of electric scooters catching fire...

The hot summers of 2022 have seen an increase in the number of cases of electric scooters catching fire. A new incidence of a Pure EV electric scooter catching fire has been recorded, following the fires in Ola and Okinawa electric scooters.

Electric vehicles are intrinsically safer than vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. Lithium-ion batteries, the power source for all-electric cars, are flammable because they include power cells that can short-circuit if damaged, resulting in fires.


How Safe Are Electric Vehicles for Use?

Electric vehicles, like any other car, are designed with safety as a high priority. They go through the same crash tests and must also meet electric vehicle-specific criteria. Let's talk about the weather, accidents, and the charging procedure in terms of electric vehicle safety.

Electric vehicles have a lesser risk of catching fire than automobiles with internal combustion engines (ICE). In fatal vehicle crashes, the fire was observed in 2.6 percent of EVs and 4.4 percent of ICE vehicles, according to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System.

Gravity's Centre

Electric car batteries are not only well-encapsulated; they are also positioned on the vehicle floor and are specifically safeguarded by design in all models. Because the vehicle's centre of gravity is so low, it is less likely to roll over than a traditional car, which is a good side effect.


Electric vehicles must be "inherently safe." This means that as soon as a flaw is identified, the battery's power is switched off. In the event of an accident, the battery is instantly isolated from all other high-voltage components and cables. The 12-volt electrical system, on the other hand, continues to function and, for example, supplies the hazard warning lights. This precaution alone makes a sudden fire extremely unlikely.

There's No Flammable Fuel

While liquid fuel spills from a petrol or diesel automobile could catch fire and cause an explosion, electric car batteries burn slowly and offer plenty of time to flee a disaster site.

Why Electric Vehicles Are Safer Than Traditional Vehicles

Whether it's concerned about the cars' high-voltage electrical systems or their flammable batteries, EV sceptics have voiced enough concerns to make one wary of investing in something new.

Of course, sceptics of moving away from traditional automobile ownership have seized on and exaggerated many of these concerns. Let’s go over three common safety concerns and why they shouldn't discourage any potential environmentally concerned consumer.

Flammability of Electric Vehicles

Li-ion batteries are less likely to catch fire or explode than gasoline. The flames were contained to the tiny region that contains the batteries until they were extinguished in circumstances where the former was damaged and caused fires. When it came to fires created by the latter, the flames quickly spread to other components of the car, making it impossible to extinguish them. Batteries have been ringed by a protective cooling layer like those seen in typical vehicle radiators to make things safer than ever. If the batteries still overheat despite the extra cooling, it's because they were installed as a collection rather than as a single huge pack, and they're further segregated by firewalls.


It is found that in crashes involving electric vehicles, the risks of individuals being hurt were lower than in crashes involving vehicles powered by gasoline or diesel engines. Simply said, electric vehicles are safer to operate and ride in than conventional automobiles.

Pedestrian Accidents

Numerous studies have revealed that electric vehicles are more likely than conventional vehicles to be involved in pedestrian accidents. This is because electric vehicles are far quieter than their gas-powered equivalents, posing a risk to individuals walking their pets or those with disabilities, such as the blind.

Now electric automobiles will be equipped with one or two devices, normally installed behind the front and back bumpers that will produce sound at a frequency equivalent to that of ordinary internal combustion engines at a similar speed, therefore eliminating the risk of an accident caused by a lack of noise.


Because of the higher mileage offered on newer models, the technology powering electric automobiles is making them more viable. Many individuals are interested in electric automobiles simply because they are unique. However, many more consumers of electric automobiles are concerned about global climate change and the environmental impact of gas combustion engines.

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