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Monday, 06 March 2023 15:50

How to Choose E-Rickshaw Loader For Your Business

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E-Rickshaw Loader For Your Business E-Rickshaw Loader For Your Business

How to Choose E-Rickshaw Loader For Your Business

Electric Loader Rickshaw, commonly known as E-Rickshaw, is a three-wheeler vehicle used mainly for either business or passenger ride purposes. In a world that is immersed in pollution and smog, an e-rickshaw is the solution to this major problem. E-rickshaws are the future of the transport industry – they are cost-effective, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional loaders, as well as convenient and affordable in the long term.

For vendors who use loaders for transporting goods throughout the day, an e-rickshaw is the perfect investment for them. Another great advantage of e-rickshaws is that they are easily customizable according to the business needs. Businesses can choose the type of e-rickshaw they require, such as a loading e-rickshaw or a 3-wheeler loading auto, or buy a certain kind of e-rickshaw and customise that vehicle itself. It is that easy!

Factors to Consider About E-Rickshaws For Your Business

While e-rickshaws are beneficial to the environment as well as have the ability to be easily customizable, there are certain factors that you must keep in mind when it comes to purchasing an e-rickshaw for your business.

  • Speed & Range: Before purchasing an e-rickshaw, you have to keep in mind the speed and the range of the vehicle. Kinetic Green has high speed goods carrier e-rickshaw as well as passenger e-rickshaw with good range on a single charge, so your business never gets hampered.
  • Affordable & Low Maintenance: Traditional rickshaws have the drawback of consuming fuel while needing daily maintenance and high upkeep costs. When it comes to loading e-rickshaws, their low maintenance costs and the exclusion of fuel costs make it far more affordable, economical and ideal for your business.
  • Strong Carrying Capacity: A standard e-cargo rickshaw can carry up to 500 kilograms, making it significantly stronger than a traditional loader. The strong battery boosts the power of an e-rickshaw battery while not compromising the vehicle’s ability to move. Taking a minimal amount of time to charge up, a loading e-rickshaw can carry out long transportation duties with ease while providing good mileage and performance.
  • Compact, Comfortable & Tough: While it depends on the type of business for which an e-rickshaw will be bought, generally Kinetic Green e-rickshaws have a tough exterior build, while providing plenty of space and comfort for long passenger rides. The roads are not always straight and smooth and a compact body is a must for Indian roads.
  • Customer Service:Another thing to keep in mind is the customer service of the e-rickshaw manufacturer. It is important for the buyer to get a proper post purchase service, to keep their vehicles running in excellent condition. The availability of different parts and components is another important aspect of customer service that should be kept in mind as well. Fortunately, Kinetic Green has more than 300 service centres all over India that provide the best customer service without posing any interruptions to your business.
  • Battery:A battery of an electric loader is what sets it apart from a traditional rickshaw. It is the most important component of the vehicle. Whether you are choosing an e-cargo rickshaw or a passenger e-rickshaw, you should make sure that the battery is powerful enough, as well as have a standard warranty, in case of any damage to it. Every Kinetic Green three-wheeler is provided with warranty protection, which helps businesses trust us for all their vehicle purchases.

These are some of the most important aspects to keep in mind while choosing an e-rickshaw loader for your business. Whether it be for transporting goods or carrying passengers, KineticGreen has the option for your business needs. Visit our website at www.kineticgreenvehicles.com to know more or drop by your nearest Kinetic Green showroom to test drive an e-rickshaw today.

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