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Thursday, 02 March 2023 17:09

How to Maintain Electric Scooters

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Maintain Electric Scooters Maintain Electric Scooters

How to Maintain Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are truly the vehicles of tomorrow. Owning one opens a world of adventures among thrill seekers, daily commuters, and individuals who are looking to own an electric vehicle but can’t afford a car. Even though it has considerably fewer parts than a petrol or diesel scooter, electric scooter servicing is still required. Maintenance of electric scooters is not just an important part of keeping them running smooth and fast, it is necessary.

Servicing electric scooters helps avoid major mechanical problems and enhances the scooter's efficiency. Without proper maintenance, there is a chance of breakages happening, leading to higher costs in repair.

Scooters are much easier to maintain than cars. Taking small preventive measures can go a long way and save you money as well. So, here are some tips to help you maintain your electric scooter and keep it running in excellent condition, so you can enjoy your trips without a hassle:

Tips for E-Scooter Servicing & Maintenance

Electric bikes can be a great alternative to traditional bikes and scooters, providing several benefits. Electric bikes and scooters can be much cheaper than their traditional counterparts, as they require no fuel. Additionally, electric bikes and scooters are much quieter than their traditional counterparts, making them ideal for use in urban areas.

Here are some of the major advantages of electric bikes:-

  • Keep your e-scooter clean: You can’t use a hose to clean your electric scooter like a normal scooter. Instead, use a damp rag and water carefully to remove dust and dirt from your scooter. The main aim is to clean the e-scooter without damaging any electrical parts and keeping moisture away from the sensitive areas like batteries.
  • Maintain the tires: Part of owning any vehicle is to maintain the tires. Keep a check on the air pressure of your electric scooter tires and keep it at the recommended level, as mentioned on the sidewall of the tire. Also look for wear and tears that might occur and replace them if the treads get too low. The health of your e-scooter depends on your tires.
  • Check the brakes regularly: One of the most essential parts of maintaining your e-scooter is to keep a check on the brakes. Proper functioning brakes are essential for road safety. The pads of your brakes are what erode the fastest, so keep an eye on them and invest in new brakes, if necessary. Being able to stop quickly will help keep you and others on the road safe. If not maintained properly, it can lead to an issue of safety hazards. Always get your brakes checked whenever you visit an electric scooter service centre.
  • Motor: The battery might be integral to your e-scooter running, but without a motor, you won’t be able to go anywhere. Motors are what power up your e-scooter, while giving it enough power for different speed modes, as well as powering the scooter light. Always get your motor checked by a mechanic when you go for your electric scooter servicing.
  • Batteries: Another essential part of an e-scooter is the battery – it helps to power your e-scooter and helps you experience those smooth rides. The capacity of your battery determines how long each charge will last, so battery maintenance of your electric scooter is necessary. Batteries are usually the most expensive component of an e-scooter, so preventive care and maintenance is necessary to avoid extra cost on replacement.

E-Scooter Battery Do’s and Don’ts

An electric bike requires very little electricity to charge. It can be charged from a regular wall outlet overnight or in just a few hours with a quick charger.

It takes anywhere from one to three units of electricity to fully charge an electric scooter (approx. ₹ 10 per unit of electricity). Even high-end two-wheelers use 3.5 units per charge.

Charging Your Electric Bike at Home

While we have discussed a little about how to maintain the battery, there are some do’s and don’ts that you must follow in order to keep it in proper working order.

Do’s -

  • • Read the instructions on your device before installing batteries
  • • Use the recommended charger and connectors with the battery in a well-ventilated shadow area
  • • The battery should be stored and charged in a dry environment, while keeping it away from water and heat sources like direct sunlight/flame
  • • Clean the battery and battery compartment with dry cloth only, and check for loose fitting
  • • Switch off MCB before connecting or disconnecting battery and never allow both terminals to make contact simultaneously

Don’ts -

  • • Don’t keep the batteries in low SoC for more than 2 days or charge it overnight
  • • Do not drop, throw, puncture or clean the batteries with solvents or abrasive cleaners
  • • Do not wash the vehicle with the battery inside or open the battery pack
  • • If the Li-ion battery overheats, hisses or bulges, immediately move the battery away from flammable materials
  • • Don’t add non-recommended electrical accessories to the vehicle

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