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Friday, 10 December 2021 05:22

Is Licence Required for Electric Scooter in India?

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Is Licence Required for Electric Scooter in India?

India has one of the world's largest two-wheeler marketplaces. We Indians currently ride traditional...

India has one of the world's largest two-wheeler marketplaces. We Indians currently ride traditional petrol-powered motorcycles and scooters. However, we have recently witnessed the emergence of electric vehicles. In India, the electric mobility sector is increasingly gaining traction. People are now exploring affordable personal electric mobility solutions, even though the EV ecosystem is still in its infancy. The Indian market is suddenly overflowing with low-cost electric scooters.

All About Licence Requirements For Electric Bikes Or Scooter

A valid driver's licence is required whether you ride a bike or drive a car. In the event of an accident, even if you have a legitimate insurance policy (third party, own damage, or personal accident coverage), your insurance company will not pay the expenses for juvenile riders who do not have proper licence’s. In 2019, over 45,000 accidents were caused by people who did not have a valid driver's licence. Anyone who does not have a valid driver's licence is not permitted to operate a registered car.

This is where the majority of the e-bikes we see on the road today belong. Low speed and power vehicles can be operated without a legal licence. If your e-bike has a top speed of more than 25 kilometres per hour and a capacity of more than 250 Kilo Watt, you must acquire a valid insurance policy, even if it is an electric bike. Customers should choose comprehensive insurance with add-on coverage for other electric vehicles with more power (more than 250W), which require a valid licence and registration.

Is Licence Required for Electric Scooter in India

The operation of some electric scooters does not necessitate registration or a driver's licence. As a result, an accident involving a low-speed model powered by a 250-watt electric motor and a maximum speed of 25 km/h will not result in an accident.

These electric scooters are not required to be registered or have a driver's licence. Teenagers, students, pensioners, and others may ride these slow electric scooters. Furthermore, while this type of electric vehicle does not require insurance or the wearing of a helmet when driving it, we do urge that you do so for safety reasons.

In India, the minimum age to ride a bike or drive a car is 18 years old. Those between the ages of 16 and 18 can still ride a geared, non-motorized bike. However, there is a proposal to change the Motor Vehicles Act to make a licence mandatory for 16-18-year-olds riding any vehicle with a power output of 250 kW and a top speed of 70 kmph.

Powerful automobiles want to undergo a complete trying-out system following CMVR rules, while E-bike, as described below, are exempt from this sort of approval requirements. Here are the RTO regulations in India for e-scooter.

The following are defined as electric bicycles and safety requirements:

  • One or more electric motors with the power of less than 250W
  • The maximum speed of 25 kilometres per hour
  • Electric Vehicles, which comply with the above requirements are not categorized as motor vehicles. Hence the transport rules are not applicable for them (Insurance, taxes…).

RTO Rules for electric vehicles in India said that green licence plates can help road officials identify electric vehicles to facilitate parking, free access to densely populated areas, reduce tolls, and more. The government suggests that these efforts will encourage people to use electric vehicles.

The Indian government previously proposed a special green licence plate for all-electric vehicles in India. With the entry into force of the annual plan, the central government has now required the national transportation department to force all-electric vehicles to use environmentally-friendly vehicles. digital. Tableware, regardless of the year of purchase.

What Should You Do If You Have Your E-Bike?

If your e-bike has a power output greater than 250 kW and travels faster than 25 kmph, you'll need a licence and insurance. In these situations, comprehensive coverage is preferable to third-party insurance. Consider purchasing add-ons to boost your coverage even more. Electric bikes, as previously said, are more expensive than their fossil-fuel counterparts, but they have a longer lifespan and a higher resale value.

As a result, getting a complete bike insurance policy is a good idea because it will ensure you are against theft as well. Furthermore, electric vehicles have a lower insurance premium, with benefits that considerably surpass the cost of coverage.


As a result of rising fuel prices and rising pollution levels in cities, electric scooters are gaining popularity across the country. They're quickly becoming a feasible option for many households. Many experts believe that electric scooters are not only healthy for the environment but also good for one's wallet in the long run. In addition to these advantages, the Indian government provides significant discounts on electric vehicles to encourage people to move to a more environmentally responsible mode of transportation.

For having one of the best electric scooters available in the market choose Kinetic Green’s Electic Scooter. The Kinetic Green comes in two models Zing and Zoom. The Kinetic Zing Electric Scooter is a cost-effective alternative to petrol. There is no need for a licence or registration. It comes with a multi-functional remote key that makes riding even easier and more luxurious. The hydraulic shock absorbers take on bumpy roads while also ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

A cruise control switch is included in the Kinetic Zoom Electric scooter. Its use does not necessitate the acquisition of a licence or registration. It has a Twin-LED headlight, an aerodynamic design, plenty of under-seat storage, a speed mode option, and more. This scooter comes in three gorgeous colour options.

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