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Sunday, 20 March 2022 09:14

10 Reasons: Why Electric Vehicles Are the Future

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Why Electric Vehicles Are the Future Why Electric Vehicles Are the Future

Electric car manufacturing is getting increasingly popular, and its market share is likely to grow significantly...

Scope of Electric Vehicles In Future

Electric car manufacturing is getting increasingly popular, and its market share is likely to grow significantly. By 2022, India's GDP is predicted to increase by a staggering 25%.

The best aspect is that, in addition to decreasing pollution, EVs can reduce oil imports by $60 billion by 2030. Currently, imports account for 82 per cent of India's oil requirement. As a result, it is clear how helpful it will be for the Indian economy if the import cost is decreased.

10 Reasons: Why Electric Vehicles Are the Future

There are no emissions:

Electric automobiles are being developed primarily because they do not emit any pollution when driving. An electric vehicle is propelled by a battery-powered electric motor. There is no burning of fuel. An electric vehicle does not have an exhaust system. It's the best road transportation solution at a time when global CO2 emissions and air pollution must be drastically cut.

Access to city centres is unrestricted:

Aside from the fact that more cities are implementing LEZs, these zones are also growing in size and strictness with time. With an electric car, you have limitless access to low-emission zones, now and in the future, wherever and whenever you want.

Electricity is less expensive than gasoline:

Electricity is less expensive than gasoline and fuel. In this regard, an electric automobile is less expensive than a car with a combustion engine. The most cost-effective solution is to charge at home.

Comfortable and quiet:

Unlike a combustion engine, an electric motor produces very little noise. As a result, the silence inside an electric vehicle is unmistakable. Additionally, unlike a combustion engine, an electric motor does not produce any vibrations or resonance. The vibration-free and silent drivetrain adds to the relaxation.

There's no need to switch gears:

An electric automobile does not have a traditional gearbox, which is another key distinction from a car with a combustion engine. An electric car always works like a car with an automatic transmission, which eliminates the need to shift gears. You also don't have to pay more for it. Driving in busy start-stop traffic in the city or traffic congestion has never been more comfortable, thanks to the quietness of an electric motor.

Torque on the fly:

The incredibly high torque of an electric motor is a distinct feature. Much more powerful than a typical internal combustion engine. Furthermore, an electric motor responds rapidly to throttle motions and generates peak torque right from a standstill. Internal combustion engines have an unavoidable response time and can only generate maximum torque in a specific speed range. All of this assures enticing performance thanks to the smooth and powerful acceleration, as well as a great deal of driving pleasure.

Extremely effective:

At the moment, the most efficient combustion engines have an efficiency of around 40%. That means they only put 40% of the energy in the fuel into motion. Heat and friction account for the remaining 60%.

An electric motor has a 90 per cent efficiency, which means it uses the battery's energy far more efficiently. Furthermore, because an electric motor can be transformed into a generator in the blink of an eye, an electric car can swiftly recover kinetic energy.

Requires less maintenance:

Electric drivetrain technology is much simpler than that of a combustion engine. Because only a few sections need to be lubricated, it has far fewer (spinning) parts and fluids. So, as you may have guessed, an electric vehicle requires less maintenance.

Generate your power:

Having your oil refinery in your garden to make your auto fuel is impossible. It's hardly unexpected, though, that you can create your electricity. For example, solar panels on the top of your home or office building can provide energy. You may further lower your kilometre cost by charging your battery with this renewable energy.

Electric Vehicle future related FAQ

As electric vehicles become more common, their costs are constantly decreasing, and drivers who make the switch get several perks. Electric vehicles have the potential to save you money in a variety of ways, including the environment, fuel, tax, and maintenance costs. A fully electric vehicle might cost a quarter or less per mile than a standard gasoline or diesel vehicle.

Q1. Will electric vehicles take over by 2030?

While estimates ranged from more than 20% to almost 90%, executives in the study predicted that by 2030, 52 per cent of new car sales would be all-electric.

Q2. Are electric vehicles the future of transport?

Electric vehicles offer a strong potential to reduce emissions and aid in the fight against climate change. In many cases, they will most likely replace combustion engines.

Q3. When do electric vehicles take over?

While estimates ranged from more than 20% to almost 90%, executives in the study predicted that by 2030, 52 per cent of new car sales would be all-electric.

Q4. How many kinds of electric vehicles are there?

There are three different types of electric vehicles: BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles) are electric vehicles that run entirely on electricity. PHEVs (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles) are cars that have an internal combustion engine and a battery that is charged from an external socket; they have a plug.


While the price of an EV may be close to that of most comparable petrol or diesel automobiles, the cost of ownership is much lower, especially over the vehicle's lifetime. You may spend significantly less on an electric vehicle than you do on your present automobile, thanks to tax benefits and special government grants, as well as improved fuel efficiency, lower electricity costs, and fewer maintenance requirements.

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