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Thursday, 10 March 2022 07:57

15 Awesome Reasons Why Your Next Vehicles Should Be Electric

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Why Your Next Vehicles Should Be Electric Why Your Next Vehicles Should Be Electric

Electric vehicles have recently dominated the international scene, with vehicles in every speciality....

Electric vehicles have recently dominated the international scene, with vehicles in every speciality. Consumers, however, express considerable scepticism, claiming that the vehicles are not well-rounded for everyday use. Things are changing quickly, though, as more electric charging stations are being built to power automobiles in towns and on highways.

As a result, if you're thinking about buying a new vehicle, think about your dedication to environmental protection first. Owning an electric automobile is one of the most effective methods to protect the environment because it reduces carbon emissions by up to three tonnes per year. Apart from contributing to the fight against global warming, here are 30 compelling reasons to buy an electric vehicle.

15 Awesome Reasons Why Your Next Vehicles Should Be Electric:

Here are a few top reasons to choose EV as your next vehicle:

1. Cost-Effective:

They are more cost-effective in the long run. Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than gasoline-powered vehicles, resulting in lower maintenance expenses. This implies that the electric automobile does not need to go to the garage for routine maintenance such as oil changes.

2. Lower Emissions Electric Cars:

Unlike more traditional vehicles, get their energy from battery packs that run on electricity rather than mechanical engines that run on gasoline. As a result, these cars emit no gases in the form of exhaust, minimizing pollution in the environment.

3. Cleaner Air:

As more people switch to electric vehicles, the quantity of pollution caused by automobiles will decrease. Electric vehicles minimize the amount of dirty air in the atmosphere, resulting in cleaner air, especially in cities where pollution is an issue owing to a large number of vehicles.

4. Time Saved:

You save time by charging your electric vehicle at home. This means that instead of going to a gas station to acquire gas, a person can charge their vehicle overnight at home and wake up ready to drive in the morning. For owners of electric vehicles, this convenience is a time-saving gift.

5. Less reliance on oil:

The adoption of electric automobiles reduces the quantity of the oil that a country imports to meet its energy needs. This is a problem since, as we all know, most countries import their oil because domestic supply is insufficient. Electric cars run on electricity generated in the country, which ensures their independence.

6. Quiet Drive:

Electric vehicles do not have noisy internal combustion engines. This results in an extremely quiet driving experience. Given that the majority of car users travel within cities, vehicle noise has become an inextricable part of their daily lives, and at times, an inconvenience. With its quietness, the electric car helps to eliminate this, offering a safe atmosphere for both the driver and the environment.

7. Electric vehicles last longer:

Because electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than gasoline-powered vehicles, they are less prone to component failure due to wear and tear. This gives them a longer life, which helps the car's users while also lowering the amount of garbage produced by the car in non-salvageable replacement parts.

8. Reliability:

Electric cars are more reliable since they have fewer pieces that can fail. This means the car is less prone to stalls and other issues than petrol-powered cars, and the maintenance costs are significantly lower.

9. Greater energy efficiency:

Electric vehicles are extremely energy efficient. When compared to petrol cars, energy is delivered more efficiently from the motor to the wheels in these vehicles. This usually corresponds to faster energy transfer or engine power without requiring consumers to purchase petroleum engines.

10. Lower energy prices:

Oil prices are largely influenced by a small number of countries. The trend is usually unfavourable to open markets, as they have the option of raising prices. Hydroelectric power and other renewable energy sources, on the other hand, allow for lower production costs because the systems are not as costly as oil drilling. Electricity transportation expenses are also significantly lower.

11. No combustion engine:

The absence of a combustion engine in electric automobiles reduces the number of parts and weight of the vehicle, consequently boosting its safety. Fuel combustion engines are inconvenient and need to be maintained regularly.

12. No need to visit a gas station:

Electric automobiles eliminate the requirement to visit a gas station. This means that driving an electric automobile is far safer and more environmentally beneficial than driving a car with an internal combustion engine.

13. It fosters continuous improvement:

Due to the continued acceptance of the technology, automobile manufacturers have begun to increase their market share in the electric vehicle market. This has given firms an incentive to keep improving their technologies to stay competitive and offer better cars for consumers.

14. Government incentive:

Governments are providing tax breaks to electric car buyers. Individuals have more reasons to acquire electric automobiles because of the incentives, which include tax refunds or exemptions.

15. Status symbols:

With their beautiful features and integration of practicality with an environmental conscience, electric automobile manufacturers like Tesla have now become status symbols. Furthermore, these automobiles have a 'cool element' about them. There are even Formula 1-style events where only electric cars compete to promote their performance capabilities.


Electrifying our transportation system will have a significant positive impact on India as a whole. EVs emit fewer pollutants than the average fossil-fuel vehicle, and as our electric grid continues to decarbonize, EVs will become even more environmentally beneficial. Fresh Energy will be present at every step of the way, shaping and driving innovative policy for a just, carbon-free future that benefits everyone.

Kinetic Green offers a wide range of electric vehicles, from two-wheelers to three-wheelers, for both passenger and cargo use. Join a platform that provides you with the freedom and flexibility to pursue your entrepreneurial ideas and achieve your company objectives with a product line-up that has been designed to reinvent electric mobility. With Kinetic Green, it's time to ponder big and accomplish even more.

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