Think Electric


Think Electric


    Do I need Licence to drive electric vehicles?


    Electric scooters with a top speed of 25km/hr do not require a driver’s license. Hence you won’t need one for Zing and Zoom Electric scooters.


    Our three-wheelers are substantially powerful with a top speed of 45km/hr. Hence a valid driver’s license is required.

    Does my vehicle need registration?


    Electric scooters with a top speed of 25km/hr do not require registration. Hence Zing and Zoom Electric scooters don’t need to be registered.


    Since the 3-wheelers have top speed of 45-55km/hr, the registration is mandatory for the same.

    What is the charging time?


    The average charging time for our cycles is 5 hours. This ensures that the charging cycle is completed  safely, extending the battery’s life. 

    2-Wheelers & 3-Wheelers: 

    Our two-wheelers and three-wheelers charge on an average of 3-4 hours. This completes the charging of the vehicle in a safe manner, which in-turn elongates the battery life. 

    Lead-acid batteries usually take longer to get fully charged and will need approximately 7 hours to be charged completely in a safe manner.

    Load Bearing Capacity?


    The recommended weight that can be carried on our electric two-wheelers is up to 150 kg. The  sturdiness of our vehicles ensure that you can carry this load in a secure manner and it is not  recommended to carry a load over this limit. 


    Our electric 3-wheelers are designed and qualified to transport a load of up to 400 kg-500 kg. It is  not advisable to go over the recommended load limit, which can hamper the performance of our  vehicles.

    Can I fit an exterior carrier?

    All of our vehicles are designed to fit an external carrier. In case you need one, you can visit your nearest Kinetic showroom for further details.

    How should I clean my electric vehicle?

    You can clean your vehicles with a damp cloth. It is not recommended to wash your vehicle with a  high-pressure water wash, as seepage of water into the battery might damage it.

    Does Kinetic Green have any financing partners?

    We have partnered with multiple banks such as SBI, IDFC & Bank of Maharashtra, who will help  you finance your purchase of our vehicles. These partners will also provide loan assistance to you, if  needed. Visit your nearest Kinetic Green Dealer for more details.

    Is there a government subsidy on electric vehicles?

    All vehicles which have a lithium-ion powered battery are eligible for the announced government  subsidy. Given below are subsidies offered by the government. Further details regarding this can be  found at your nearest Kinetic Green showroom. 

    Central as well as State governments have been promoting adoption of EVs by providing fiscal as  well as non-fiscal incentives. Some of the incentives being provided on purchase of EVs are: 

    • Upfront capital subsidy under FAME India Scheme Phase II
    • Goods & Services Tax (GST) on EVs has been reduced from 12% to 5%,
    • Income tax deduction can be claimed on the interest paid on loans taken for purchase of EVs.


    Years Of Glory

    Over the years Kinetic has proved its Excellence, time and again, with countless engineering and design marvels. A name synonymous to trust and reliability, kinetic has a rich legacy of over five decades.

    As we present the complete range of Battery- operated, electric vehicles from Kinetic Green, it is not just sense of pride that we feel and it is the sense of deep satisfaction that comes from changing the course of things for better.